Phototastic has been renamed to Phototastic Collage

This post explains why Phototastic was renamed and why users need to upgrade to the new version by downloading it from the store again.

Our company recently moved to the UK, so we had to make a new microsoft developer account for the new company.

Due to technical limitations of microsofts app store, it was not possible to transfer the exisiting Phototastic from our old developer account to the new one.

The only option that was available to us was to republish Phototastic on the new account. This makes the new version a completely new app that is not connected in any way to the old one. As it’s a new app, it also can’t have the same name, so it was renamed to “Photoastic Collage”.

This is the reason why you couldn’t simply upgrade the old version via the store on the phone to get the new version.

It was a hard decision for us to make, as the new app also loses the store ranking and the thousands of reviews that the old version had, but there was no other option unfortunately.

We are sorry for the inconvenience.


Activation code for all users that have paid for the old Version:

If you have paid for the old version, then you will receive an activation code in the old version that needs to be entered in the new version of “Phototastic Collage”.

This is needed because all purchases done are unknown to the new app, so we had to chose the upgrade path via the activation code.

After you update the old version, you should see the following screen, press the button to generate an activation code:


In the new version the activation code can be entered by accessing the bottom menu:



Nokia Imaging SDK – Reading Photoshop ACV file format

As mentioned in a previous post we recently switched our in-house made photo effect framework to the Nokia Imaging SDK.

The Nokia SDK has a curve filter, that works in the same way as the ones in professional photo editors, like Gimp or Photoshop.

This blog post describes how to use a Photoshop acv file as input to the filter.

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Nokia Imaging SDK Gotchas – Artifacts in Filters

Recently we switched over our filter framework to the fantastic Nokia imaging SDK. 

We wrote our own framework back in the days of Windows Phone 7.

But despite tedious optimizations it didn’t offer the performance that we wished because it was written in a managed environment.

Nokia SDK to the rescue!

The transition to the SDK went smoothly, the API is simple and clean, yet very powerful.

After having implemented a number of effects, I discovered that some filters didn’t work as expected.

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Super Illusion

Super Illusion for Windows 8

Drug free vision-distorting experience

One of our developers had a few hours spare so came up with a nice little app to distort your vision. Just stare at the screen for around 30 seconds and then take a look around.

Super Illusion Effect

Dont worry the effect only lasts a few seconds.