Windows 8.1 Storage API

This post covers the Windows 8.1/Windows Phone 8.1 Storage API. Relevant namespaces for all snippets Get StorageFolder from local application package Convert IRandomAccessStream into a Stream Get a storage folder from a path with multiple parts: relativePath could be folderA/folderB/… Extension methods for copying StorageFolder shallow or recursively   Create a BitmapImage from a storage […]

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Nokia Imaging SDK Gotchas – Artifacts in Filters

Recently we switched over our filter framework to the fantastic Nokia imaging SDK.  We wrote our own framework back in the days of Windows Phone 7. But despite tedious optimizations it didn’t offer the performance that we wished because it was written in a managed environment. Nokia SDK to the rescue! The transition to the […]

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Sketch is now PicSketch

Our app Sketch is now PicSketch with a new design and new features. You can turn your photos into sketchs with a big library of assets to make a lot of combinations. Go to the Windows Phone Store and don’t forget to rate the app.   Click here for the free version Clique here for […]

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Phototastic Sale

Phototastic 50% off xmas sale

Wishing all our users a very merry xmas and as a thank you for a great year starting from 25th Phototastic for Windows 8 and Windows Phone will be available half price. Sale is for one week only, so dont miss out.

Super Illusion

Super Illusion for Windows 8

Drug free vision-distorting experience One of our developers had a few hours spare so came up with a nice little app to distort your vision. Just stare at the screen for around 30 seconds and then take a look around. Dont worry the effect only lasts a few seconds.

Status Post


One Million App Downloads

We’re very excited to announce that our Windows Phone applications have surpassed 1 million downloads in the Windows Store This is a HUGE milestone for anyone in the industry and we are thrilled! We couldn’t be prouder or happier to provide mobile applications for so many satisfied users. So a big thank you to our […]

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